“My work aims to bring the forces of nature and emotion it evokes from outdoors to indoors.”

Since moving back to the coast my works have been largely inspired by the ever-changing moods and foreboding weather and tides of the East-Kent coastline. My work range from large panoramas, square to more intimate canvasses. My reductive abstracts are loosely painted works that build up layers of washes and stains of colour which are over painted in whites, greys and other muted hues. The scenes are intended to feel vaguely familiar through the abstraction to basic elements of form and colour.

The process of my painting is a physical affair forcefully working paint into the surface with brushes, rags, roller and my hands, however in every painting there are moments of delicate consideration and subtle nuances’. Finally the work is presented in frames, which are handcrafted by myself using either reclaimed or sourced timber. The timbers are treated with dyes and waxes, heavily sanded and bruised to give them a rugged appearance which draws reference to the groins and defences of our weathered coast.