Wide Bow Scissors


Tougher than old boots and supremely sharp and black. Small and precise in a deep, permanent black steel. 4″ or 10cm.

Beautifully packaged, as always.

Safety precautions when working with scissors:

  1. Keep the scissors in the case and out of reach of children;
  2. When working, do not leave the scissors blades open;
  3. Do not hold scissors with sharp sides up, and do not use them when the central fastener is weakened.
  4. When working closely observe the direction of cutting. Do not cut in motion.
  5. When working hold the material with your left hand so that the fingers are away from the blade.

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Merchant & Mills supply patterns, fabrics and tools for the discerning designer, maker and crafter.  Their products are stocked in the world’s most respected outlets and are renowned for their distinctive presentation and packaging, designed to be as useful and attractive to those that had hitherto overlooked sewing as well as the steadfast makers and menders.

Their ethos is to respect the roots of sewing, from trade to home dressmaking, as they enable and inspire more people to find the satisfaction of simply making.


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