Warm Hug Candle


A fortifying earthy richness mingles with masculine woody notes on a heady base in this fragrance and is perfect for those of you who are drawn to dusty old leather bound books, filled pipes of tobacco leaves with a whiff of the exotic and the heady days of the 60s,  A musky blend of vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood essential oils ensure this captivating aroma will strengthen, enrich and comfort like a big warm hug and help keep you grounded.

220g Large Jar Candle, gift boxed and with 40+ hours burn time.

Handcrafted, boxed and the perfect eco gift.

Vegan & Eco Friendly. Cruelty free. 100% recyclable materials


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Wild Planet is a Kent-based family business which has been making natural home fragrance for more than a decade. Part experience, part art, part instinct; their aim has always been to blend natural ingredients to create a scent that works in harmony with your mood, lift your spirits and instil your home with pure aromatherapy.

Taking inspiration from their travels around the globe, ancient rituals, spiritual practices and Mother Nature, their focus is always on purity, quality and small batch production.


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