Botanical Wax Melts


Create your own ritual at home with these luxury soy wax melts.

With addictive aromas for every mood and any occasion, these wax melts are a cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy using Wild Planet’s signature essential oil blends.

Each neat, branded box contains 6x 10g tablets.

FOREST BATHING: A scent inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku – a natural healing method of simply walking through a forest and immersing yourself in nature.

ESCAPE: An inspiring blend that is tranquil, contemplative and full of ancient mysticism. Inspired by the fragrant smoke and ritual burning of incense from temples, it has a deep woody base and an aromatic heart blended with frankincense, cedarwood & patchouli essential oils.

LIMELIGHT: An energising blend which is clean with fresh citrus notes. This zesty, sparkling fragrance will infuse your day with bright, lasting energy and help keep you focussed with lime, bergamot and lemongrass essential oils.

Vegan & Eco Friendly. Cruelty free. 100% recyclable materials



Wild Planet is a Kent-based family business which has been making natural home fragrance for more than a decade. Part experience, part art, part instinct; their aim has always been to blend natural ingredients to create a scent that works in harmony with your mood, lift your spirits and instil your home with pure aromatherapy.

Taking inspiration from their travels around the globe, ancient rituals, spiritual practices and Mother Nature, their focus is always on purity, quality and small batch production.

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Forest Bathing/De-Stressing, Escape/Inspiring, Limelight/Energising


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