lesley Davies-evans

Road trips have become an important part of Lesley’s working methodology, for both photographic and drawn experimentation. In the mixed media panels on show at Platform, busy observational drawings are made ‘on the road’ and then worked into obliquely shot photographs, through a process of studio based ideas development. Standout graphic symbols and fragments of structures are impulsively drawn and layered over these muted photographs, which once printed, are then further painted and drawn over. The final panels are a record of movement through urban spaces, where signposts, buildings and tarmac loom and pass- a kind of visual sediment of the passenger’s view from an unfixed vantage point.

Lesley’s photographic past lies in design and advertising, working for clients such as Honda, VW, The Tate Modern and The Observer. She also developed a strand of personal fine art photography and continued to sell to private collectors and exhibit locally with various artists’ collectives, whilst a lecturer in lens based media at UCA in Canterbury.